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This waitlist is updated every couple of days. It is hard to give a time frame on when you will get a puppy because we do not know how many refunds from the waitlist will be requested or exactly how many puppies will be born in each litter. Based on past experience, the wait can be anywhere from 3-9 months, sometimes shorter. 

Puppy Prices

Black & White Tuxedo  Regularly $2200

Red, Tan, Merle, Multi-color  Regularly $2800


All Puppies are $1500

Reserve your puppy below with a deposit and then the remaining balance is due at the time of pick-up. Your deposit minus the $9.22 that Paypal keeps is refundable for any reason up until the time that you choose a specific puppy. The deposit charge will show up as AwesomeOnlineBuy on your bank/credit card statement. ***After paying your deposit, please text (469) 337-9190 with the date of your deposit and full name for confirmation that your deposit was received and for future communications. 

Red F1 Cavapoo Puppies
Red F1 Cavapoo Puppies
Apricot F1 Cavapoo LuxePuppy
Newborn Red Cavapoo pups
Merle F1 Cavapoo puppies
F1 Tan Cavapoo LuxePups
F1b Tri Colored Cavapoo pups
F1b Merle Cavapoo Luxepuppy


  1. Melodee A. 

  2. Blake G.

  3. Natalie J.

  4. Denise O.

  5. Jessica W.

  6. Brad S.

  7. Jeannie A.

  8. Ally G.

  9. Amy D.

  10. Brittany H.

  11. Amy W.

  12. Jude C.

  13. Katherine A.

  14. Laura M.

  15. Jacqueline S.

  16. Erin R.

  17. Amber K.

  18. Graziella J.

  19. Amy C.

  20. Joan S.

  21. Summer H.

  22. Janika V.

  23. Heather H.

  24. Dylan H.

  25. Miranda G.

  26. Michelle J.

  27. Amanda F.

  28. Brian C.

  29. Lindsay K.

  30. Simone M.

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