and my passion for breeding

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a special love for all creatures. I still remember the sad experience when my brother killed my pet caterpillar that I had built a home for and managed to keep alive for days outside of his natural habitat. Or the time when I went fishing with my uncle. He had caught a fish and laid it on the ground to die. I started crying and praying for this fish to survive, of course my uncle being a decent human being had to put that fish back in the water and show me that it was alive as it swam away. Needless to say I didn't get to go fishing with him again. I can think of so many little stories like this especially since growing up I lived in a home that always took stray animals in. We bottle fed kittens, fed worms to itty bitty birds and at one point even had a baby owl! 

After high school I married the love of my life (yes very young). A few years later we had our first child followed by four more over the next ten years. Yes that is right, we have five children and of course I could not imagine a life without these amazing kids. My youngest is now five which has given me the time to start doing one of the things I love most: Breeding puppies. 

I have to say that I really do love raising precious small breed puppies. It is so amazing the joy and happiness that our dogs bring into our lives. I love meeting new families that are getting a puppy from us. There is a level of trust and a relationship that is formed when they come into our home to meet our family, our mom and dad dogs and our puppies. It has always been a great experience and I am honoured and blessed to get to be the owner of LuxePuppies providing quality families with quality pets! For more up to date posts please click here and like our facebook page.


Frisco, TX, USA

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