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Elizabeth Taylor

Izzy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is an incredibly loyal pet. When not whelping puppies you can usually find her sitting in my lap or following me around to see what I am doing. She is always happy, and friendly to everyone she meets. She is a small girl, weighing in at 14lbs. She loves giving hugs, literally, she will wrap her arms around your leg and lean into you.Very sweet girl and a rockstar momma dog!

Addison Praise

Addy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is our biggest girl weighing 18lbs. She loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed. She is our timid girl, somewhat shy but never ever aggressive or mean. If she isn't sure about someone she will just kindly make her way to her bed and wait for them to leave. She loves kids and playing fetch in the yard. She loves being a mom and takes pride in the little beauties that she makes. When I hold the puppies she looks me in the eyes and wags her tail as if she is saying "look what I made, aren't they amazing". She's a sweet girl and we are lucky to have her.

Victoria Rose


This is Tori! She is the younger sister of Elizabeth Taylor. She is such a lover just like her big sister, maybe even more so! She creates unique bonds with everyone she is around. She's very playful  and has that forever baby face that Cavaliers can be known for. She is also very athletic and can't be contained by open top pens or gates due to her incredibly high jumps! Her personality is incredibly sweet and loyal with a twist of fun and spunky charisma! She weighs approximately 14lbs with beautiful Blenhiem colors and long legs!

Abraham Veracruz

This is "Cruz". He is a miniature poodle weighing 18lbs. Besides being a pretty boy, he is very smart. He loves all people and sometimes when people come to get a puppy they ask if they can take him home instead! He takes commands very well and aims to please us. He sleeps in our bed with us because somehow he has made us believe he is too good to sleep in a dog bed. He loves chasing rabbits and squirrels and I think he wishes he was a hunting dog. He is very loyal to us and we cannot imagine life without this boy. 

Bailey Usher

This is Bailey. He is a Ruby Toy Poodle weighing 11lbs. He is loving, affectionate, energetic, enjoys his walks and loves being with his furry playmates. He is very attentive when being talked to as if he is a little person himself. He gets to visit and play with his sister and it is a treat to watch. Their love for each other as they run, tussle and scamper over each other displays how affectionate he really is. He is such a joy and a constant companion.



Romeo is our Blue Merle Toy Poodle weighing 12lbs. He is easily a house favorite when it comes to playing around and being silly! He loves chasing the other dogs around to play and loves fetching toys. He is a sweet little guy that wouldn't even hurt a June bug! At the end of the day he loves cuddling up on the couch to watch movies and fall asleep! We adore him!!!

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